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My hope is that more mothers will feel supported in the matrescence journey through my work. I have a variety of free and paid resources to help you experience empowerment in this period of rapid growth and transformation.

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Subscribe to this newsletter for weekly reflections bridging the theory and practice of eco-matrescence. Support this newsletter financially and gain access to expressive cultivation practices to help you make meaning of your unique mothering journey.

Animate Mother Podcast

Listen in to the Animate Mother podcast where I talk with rite of passage elder Kamya O’Keeffe about supporting ecological growth and growing pains in the transitions of motherhood.

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1:1 Therapy Sessions (New Mexico and Texas Only)

Waitlist for mental health therapy focused on strength-based mental health support within a matrescence developmental lens. We will assess your challenges and build your treatment plan together. Advanced trauma-focused modalities such as EMDR are often included around childhood, relational, sexual, and/or birth trauma. You can arrange for therapy anytime in the peri- or antenatal window.

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Expressive Nature Groups/Workshops

Periodic themed expressive nature groups and workshops which I’ll advertise in the newsletter prior to registration. Past groups include Expressive Nature Therapy for Ecodistress, The Ecological Initiations of Matrescence, and Nature Connections for Families. Groups are in person but I occasionally offer workshops online.

Professional Consultation

I offer clinical supervision for licensed professional counselors in New Mexico. I’m also available for consultation with professionals on the ecological domain of matrescence for those providing services within their community (not exclusively online).

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