Feb 11 • 1HR 7M

Matrescence and Ecospiritual Growth with Dr. Aurelie Athan

A discussion with the reproductive clinical psychologist Dr. Aurelie Athan who revived the term matrescence to create a developmental model of the life transition into motherhood.

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Dr. Allison Davis
Animate Mother explores ecological matrescence, or the changes mothers experience in their relationship to the more-than-human and enviornmental world as they take on the care of children as a central part of their lives. We are Allison Davis, a maternal mental health ecotherapist and Kamya O’Keeffe, an ecofeminist rites of passage guide… both mothers walking this path with you. We support the ecomatrescence experience through a rite of passage framework and a belief that the development of a maternal ecoconsciousness is something the Earth is calling for in this time of climate change precarity.
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Dr. Aurelie Athan, a clinical psychologist and faculty member at Teachers College, Columbia University, revived the term matrescence in 2008 and applied it to maternal development. In doing so she created a new conceptual model of the life transition into motherhood and redefined maternal mental health.

Dr. Athan studies, teaches, and writes about mothers' development holistically, both their thriving and distress, and offers an empowering, strengths-based approach to understand the transition to motherhood. This conversation discusses her long-term interest and work studying mothers’ psychospiritual growth in matrescence as well as how that is evolving into the ecological domain through our ongoing inquiry together.

You can find out more about her work at www.matrescence.com including her Maternal Psychology (aka Matrescence) Lab where she leads research on the matrescence experience.

This is a re-release of an interview I did with her for my previous podcast. So many mothers asked me to share this again and so we are since it is foundational to our understanding of Animate Mother. I hope it serves you well! ~Allison