Welcome to Seeding the Mother Tree, a newsletter seeding the ecological back into matrescence with maternal ecopsychology and expressive nature invitations to support your ecological growth in motherhood.

In the forest the day I learned I was pregnant with our second little girl.

About Me

I’m Allison Davis, MS, LPCC (NM), LPC (TX), PhD — a counselor, educator, researcher, seamstress, saori weaver, mindful outdoor guide... and around here, a mother experiencing matrescence and reflecting on this developmental period.

About Mother Nature

Matrescence theory made a world of difference in my experiences of having our two girls. The first was difficult and disorienting. The second was difficult too, but I felt myself actually reorienting to the path that is truly mine to walk. My writing is dedicated to the experience of maternal development — to the birth of mothers through the process of mothering — in the hopes that more mothers will be find the growth possible in matrescence reorienting to their most authentic selves.

A site of my significant growth and growing pains in motherhood has been what I call the “ecological” domain. In 2019 I wrote Dr. Aurelie Athan, the clinical psychologist and scholar who “revived” matrescence and applied it to maternal psychology, about the growth I was seeing in myself and other mothers in regards to nature connectedness in the transition into motherhood. Along with this growth came significant maternal ecodistress, or climate- and enviornmental-related anxiety, depression, grief, and even pre-traumatic stress. Since then we’ve been developing the theory for what we’ve called maternal ecopsychology and it is this emerging conceptual that I apply in my work with mothers and write about in this newsletter.

Here you will find personal reflections and ideas for application to one’s own life as a mother. As I center creative inquiry in my personal work there will also be prompts for you to do on your own aimed at increasing self awareness and insight around the growth and growing pains of motherhood.

What I love best… seeing the world through the eyes and hearts of little ones.

Why would I pay for the newsletter, you might ask?

I believe mothers should be better resourced and writing about motherhood is valuable. I also offer this newsletter as a cost-effective way to explore your own ecological growth and growing pains as an alternative to attending groups, taking courses, or even coming to a retreat (although you are invited to all of these!) If you want to support this writing, thank you! Bonus: you’ll get access the ecotherapeutic invitations in addition to my reflective essays. If being a paid subscriber isn’t for you, you’ll still get access to my free posts for a week.

My hope is that you will find this newsletter insightful, informative, supportive, inspiring, and, yes, mothering. I hope you take what is useful for you and apply it to your own life and mother work so that we can cocreate more healthy lives that affirm life and personal:planetary wellness in our homes and communities.

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Disclaimer: Seeding the Mother Tree is not therapy or a mental health service. It is not a substitute for mental health services of any kind. If you are looking for individualized support please consult with your local mental health providers or book a session with me here. All thoughts are my own!

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A newsletter seeding the ecological back into maternal mental health with maternal ecopsychology and expressive nature invitations to support your ecological growth in motherhood.


Dr. Allison Davis

I’m a counselor, educator, & researcher of maternal mental health. Specializing in matrescence & expressive nature therapy, I write to explore the transformative possibilities of maternal+ development for empowering personal:planetary wellbeing.